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Welcome to WEISS

Welcome to the website of WEISS, a Life+ project co-financed by the European Commission. WEISS or the Water Emissions Inventory is a planning Support System aimed at reducing the pollution of water bodies. WEISS is to result in a methodology and supporting instrument generically applicable in the EU Member States or parts thereof.


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The WEISS project has above all created a transparent inventory of all water emissions. This inventory can be used for monitoring, reporting and accounting of pollutants and will be able to assess measures aimed at reducing the pollution of water bodies.

The project was be realised between 2010 and 2013 by carrying out twelve actions. Three development cycles in which the prototype was refined, resulted in the final model.

The WEISS model operates at a high geographical resolution (1 ha grid) and integrates all relevant emission sources (both diffuse and point), all transport routes, and a planning support module. This enables accounting for the pollutants in distinctive nodes of the pathways as required for monitoring and reporting (e.g. WFD, E-PRTR, WISE). It also enables the assessment of various technical and policy measures aimed at reducing the pollution loads in the water bodies.


For each source and pollutant, WEISS proceeds in three consecutive steps:

  1. spatial allocation of the source,

  2. computation of the pathways

  3. accounting in distinctive nodes of the pathways.


For every step, specific algorithms that can easily be chained to perform the necessary calculations are developed. This allows the model to be easily extended with new sources, pollutants and pathways.



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