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After Life+

The WEISS project does not end in four years. The WEISS website will remain online and the developed WEISS tool will be updated on a regular basis. Training material was developed and project information was disseminated in the final seminar.


A final seminar was held towards in May 2013. Participants were given an in depth introduction to the methodology and technical issues of WEISS. Transferability of the system to other European regions and countries was discussed. The presentations can be found here

Demo and documentation

The project website remains active and available for consultation after the project has ended. It hosts a demo of the developed WEISS system and provides complete technical documentation.

Well documented training material oriented towards technicians and end-users is available.

Active Use

The WEISS tool will be used:

  • for the reporting cycles under articles 3, 5 and 8 of the Water Framework Directive
  • to aid policy makers in selecting mitigating measures
  • as an updated inventory of emissions.


The tool will be regularly updated by the Flemish Environment Agency when the project has ended.

At least every 6 years, following the 6-year cycle of the River Basin Management Plan, data, GIS-layers and technical measurements will be renewed.


The active dissemination will focus on the countries/regions that are situated in the River Basin Districts of the Scheldt and the Meuse.

Further, VMM and VITO will actively cooperate to disseminate the WEISS approach to other European countries or regions. Workshops will be organised in which participants from sister organisations of VMM will be invited to initiate an application of WEISS in their own Member State and/or their own watershed(s).

After life communication plan

All these communication and dissemination actions are summarised in the After-life communication plan.

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